StrataaS: Positional Scarcity | Alex Danco

In conditions of abundance, relative position matters a great deal.

In general, there’s a name for this phenomenon: positional scarcity. Positional scarcity comes in a lot of different flavours.

There’s curation: an abundance of people creating music creates demand for record labels, DJs, and other tastemakers to do the job of picking, “Out of all these options, which song should get heard?”

There’s prestige: an abundance of prosperity makes it harder to preserve and distinguish high status: “Now that everyone has a car, how do I make sure that my car is the most impressive, and everyone knows it?”

There’s access: an abundance of people all vying for each others’ attention and patronage creates a high premium for moving to the front of that line: “How much would you pay to skip the congestion and get to where you need to go?”